Vendor Expertise

Reliance acsn is proud to be vendor-agnostic. It enables us to be true consultants and design solutions which are threat-based, appropriate and proportionate to the client’s business. This allows our clients to have the best complementing security tooling in the industry, without needing to replace their existing investments. We also understand that security budgets can be tight, so we work with both best in class and economical security technologies.

To deliver an outstanding service we ensure we have strong partnerships and accreditations with all the main security vendors. It means that when our clients need help, we have the right people at speed when it matters.

Helping our clients to find the right technology


The market offers an overwhelming range of choices, and security teams often find it difficult to identify which solution is right for a given business. At Reliance acsn, we leverage our real-world experience to help each client find the ideal solution for their specific use case, help them understand the pros and cons, and implement and configure it to meet their needs. With our skills and expertise, we work closely with our clients beyond the implementation stage to help them fully utilise their new and existing investments.

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We’re constantly scanning the horizon for emerging technologies which can better solve our clients’ future needs. When we find one that has promise, we run it through rigorous real-world testing via our ‘Innovation and Incubation Program’ to determine whether it could add value for our clients.

Solutions and partnerships


We maintain industry-wide technology partnerships, certifications, and expertise. Here are some examples of the providers we frequently work with:

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