Security, Strategy, Governance and Management – vCISO

In today’s threat environment, every business needs a cyber security leader – but it doesn’t always make sense to employ a full-time CISO. Instead, the solution is a virtual CISO: a team of independent security professionals, working with the business to address cyber security challenges, build and maintain systems, address compliance, and meet security milestones.

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Skilled teams, experienced leadership

The Reliance acsn “CISO as a service” provides each client with a dedicated cyber security team – including a skilled CISO – with experience providing governance, management and ensuring outcomes. They develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation and its vulnerabilities and create a plan to build resilience.

To ensure successful design, implementation, and delivery of a defensive posture, our CISOs have access to over 35 technical, policy and business subject matter experts. Under the CISO’s guidance, our experts can embed with client organisations to analyse threats, resolve issues, and maintain systems – all without increasing the company headcount.

Why choose a vCISO?

Compared with an in-house CISO, we can offer:

  • Greater expertise. Even the most experienced CISO is still one person with one viewpoint. Our “CISO as a Service” delivers a point person and a team of experts, all acting together to deliver results.
  • Scalability. While a fixed team means fixed costs, our approach enables the ability to scale up and down as required.
  • Cross industry networks and experience. Our exposure to threats across a broad variety of customer sectors – together with many years of experience in advanced threat and security posture – enable us to provide a holistic solution.
  • Significantly reduced cost. A top CISO with a similar CV to our experts can command a salary of over 120k, and they’re in high demand. With our vCISO, you only pay for what you need.
  • Reduced business risk. Our vCISO service has an immediate impact. There’s no expensive search, lengthy recruitment processes or complex onboarding. Our vCISOs start working on day one.
  • Increased security ROI. Most of our customers have made significant investments in security tooling or services. By reviewing vendor portfolios, managing supplier relationships, and leveraging our experience, we often save our clients money.

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