Information and Privacy Protection

Today’s businesses are overwhelmed with incredible volumes of data, and most struggle with the challenges of securely handling and storing it. At Reliance acsn, we offer in-depth Data Governance Assessments that review data risk, examine current governance and security controls, map data flow, and develop a Data Security Roadmap.

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Developing a secure, modern data system

At Reliance acsn, we work with organisations – wherever they are on their data governance journey – to develop robust systems and practices that keep data flowing and maintain security.

Our experienced team begin by developing an understanding of your organisation’s data, policies and risk profile. Using this information, the team develops a Data Security Roadmap designed to provide actionable steps to bring an organisation closer to its desired outcomes. Throughout the process, the Reliance acsn team provides guidance and support, ensuring that the organisation can proceed with confidence.

Features of our Data Governance Assessment

As part of a typical assessment, our team would:

Audit technical controls and current data management systems. Through a combination of interviews, documentation review, and information gathering sessions, our consultants review the relevant data system. At the end of this process, they deliver an in-depth data governance posture assessment.

Map high level data flow. Our team maps how data is handled, moved and stored throughout the organisation. The documentation produced by this research is key to assessing risks and identifying potential issues.

Perform a policy and procedure assessment. We leverage industry recognized frameworks – including NIST, NIS, ISO, Cyber essentials and SANS – to help clients improve their current data security standards and build sustainable long-term security roadmaps that maximize effectiveness, efficiency and ROI.

Develop a Data Governance Strategy. Using the learnings from earlier sessions, the team then develops a new Data Governance Strategy and shares it with the client. The strategy includes clear recommendations on both technological and policy controls.

Create a Data Security Roadmap. In addition to the strategy, our experts create an actionable roadmap designed to bring the client closer to their data goals. Upon delivery of the strategy and the roadmap, the team meets with the client for a Q&A session.

Provide support throughout. At every stage of the process, the Reliance acsn team is available to provide additional advice and support, including reviewing vendor proposals, providing expert commentary, and assisting with creating RFPs and RFQs for roadmap items.

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