Incident and Crisis Management - Scenarios & Exercises

Practice makes perfect when it comes to handling a crisis effectively. At Reliance acsn, our seasoned experts can help businesses simulate crises with the utmost fidelity to ensure that they are prepared in the event of a real incident.

Our comprehensive approach


We offer two types of exercise, board level crisis simulations and technical crisis simulations. In both cases, our team develops realistic crisis scenarios based on an analysis of an organisation’s unique vulnerabilities, defences in place, and likely threats.

The cyber security experts who lead the challenges have experience handling genuine crisis scenarios in some of the world’s leading organisations, and they’re equipped to provide explanations for stakeholders at a range of technical skill levels. Everyone from chief executives to IT teams stands to benefit from our preparedness training.

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Board level crisis simulations

Our board level offering is an interactive session designed to improve the C-suite’s ability to respond to a cyber crisis. The session begins with a role-playing exercise – conducted in coordination with a “gamemaster,” subject matter expert, incident expert, and independent observer – where the board must react to a realistic cyber attack scenario designed based on their organisation’s risk profile.

Following the simulation, our experts run through case studies on major cyber incidents and the best and worst responses at different stages of an attack. They then take questions and lead a round-table discussion on cyber security and strengthening the organisation’s security posture from the leadership level. After the session is over, our experts compile a report outlining strengths, areas for development, and recommendations.

Technical crisis simulations

Our experts can provide a range of tabletop crisis simulations for IT teams based on recent real-world attacks against peer organisations. This enables them to identify vulnerabilities, practice taking action under pressure, and iron out inefficiencies, ensuring that they are prepared in the event of a real attack.

The team can also deliver range scenarios, either using technology provided by the client or from a Reliance acsn partner at an additional cost, as well as combined tabletop-range simulations. All of our scenarios are underpinned by an in-depth understanding the contemporary cyber security landscape and conducted by industry leading experts, ensuring that we deliver the most realistic and valuable crisis experience.

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