At Reliance acsn, we work with organisations in many different sectors, to defend them against advanced cyber threats. We develop a real, in-depth understanding of the risks an organisation faces and develop bespoke solutions. Here are the services we offer:

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Managed services

Our managed service offerings act as an extension of the client’s organisation and provide a team of security professionals to monitor threats, defend your critical assets and react to issues in real time.


Professional Services and Consultancy

We provide a range of professional services to help your organisation overcome its security challenges and advise on how best to enhance your security posture with a risk aligned approach. Our trusted team’s operational and practical security experience is excellent, and we pride ourselves on delivering practical, risk focused cyber security advice.

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Incident Response

Our incident response service also supports organisations in preparing for a breach and reacting appropriately if one occurs. By anticipating and simulating a range of scenarios, we ensure that you are as resilient as possible.

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