According to recent surveys “people” remain the number one threat to cyber security within your organisation. They are the prime cause of the majority of data breaches (due to human error) and are also considered to be one of the biggest threats to corporate security, due to IP theft or computer fraud. A lack of focus on the human element of security often leaves companies exposed to an ‘internal threat’.

Many organisations put security awareness training in place but this traditional approach often falls short and fails to bring about the required change in behaviour. This is the time to ask: how do people really learn and how do we make sure that our efforts deliver results.

An investment in a bespoke teaching strategy that reflects the learning style, aptitude, skills and enthusiasm of the employees will pay massive dividends and, when asked ‘How big is your security team?’ you can honestly answer ‘Well, that’s our entire staff!’.

Reliance acsn has planned a dinner on the 2nd November at the Parabola Restaurant at the Design Museum, London, to highlight the challenges organisations face in terms of engaging staff and influencing critical changes in behaviour and will discuss how and when to gather valuable success metrics. Our overall aim for the evening is to provide you with a fresh perspective on how to ensure your security awareness program is both engaging and effective.

Reasons to attend:

  • Understand more about the internal threat
  • Identify behavioural change that will protect your information and IT infrastructure
  • Learn how to engage your staff
  • Find out how to measure effectively
  • Take away advice from your peers and our experts
  • Discover how to transform your security awareness training

Please get in touch with if you are interested in attending; more details of the evening can be found in the invite.