Reliance acsn recognise the importance of sustainability and we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment and conduct our operations in the most sustainable manner possible. For more information, please read Reliance acsn’s action plan on sustainability.

Energy Policy

Reliance acsn aims to conserve all forms of energy to reduce operating costs and to minimize damage to the environment. As well as moving towards more efficient use of energy, Reliance acsn will strive to source its energy needs from renewable sources, which will further protect the environment. Please read more about our energy policy here.

Environmental Policy

Reliance acsn believes we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and will encourage our business partners and members of the community to join us in this effort. Please read more about our environmental policy here.

Environmental Protection Goals

Reliance acsn set up several environmental protection goals such as aiming to source products from renewable sources where possible, as well as recycling all materials. Please read more about our environmental protection goals here.

Freedom of Association policy

Reliance acsn supports freedom of association and collective bargaining as part of our commitment to support the fair and equitable treatment of workplace workers. Read more about our freedom of association policy here.

Health, Safety and Environment Improvement Plan

Reliance acsn aspires to continuously improve their Health, Safety and Environmental performance and to be able to demonstrate this commitment and effectively monitor progress we prepared a structured HSE Improvement Plan. Please read more about out health, safety and environment improvement plan here.

Water Policy

Reliance acsn intends to save water by 10% by taking several actions such as stop dripping taps to reduce unnecessary water waste and making sure plugs are available for washing hands, dishes or food. For a full list of action, please read more about our water policy here.

Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

Included in the policy are confidentiality, ethics, conflict of interest and quality assurance. Please read more about our supplier code of conduct policy here.