Industry: Art & Heritage
Reliance acsn services provided: IT Security Managed services, Penetration Testing, Two-factor Authentication

At a glance
The Science Museum Group is devoted to the history and contemporary practice of science, medicine, technology, industry and media.

Its collections are the largest, most comprehensive and most significant in their field anywhere in the world.

The Science Museum Group incorporates the Science Museum, the Science Museum Library and the Wellcome collections of the history of medicine at South Kensington; the National Railway Museum at York; the National Media Museum at Bradford; Locomotion: the National Railway Museum at Shildon; and Concorde 002 with its associated exhibition at Yeovilton.

• Compliance requirements of the Security Policy Framework
• Perceived increase in IT security threats
• Actual IT security vulnerabilities exposed by penetration testing and health checks
• Lack of internal client resources
• Long-term plan to achieve ISO/IEC 27001

• Co-managed IT security service
• Continued regular health checks of the client’s infrastructure plus application testing of new and updated Science Museum Group websites
• Increased rigour in change management
• All IT security needs covered, from day-to-day issues to strategic planning

• Increased IT security expertise and improved protection from IT security breaches
• Lower cost compared with adding internal resources
• Business protection, compliance and peace of mind