Reliance acsn is proud to be vendor independent. It leaves us free to work with the best in the industry and can help our clients secure the infrastructure they have rather than insisting they replace it with a vendor-specific option.

As a result, we also ensure we have solid partnerships and accreditations with all the main security infrastructure vendors. It means that when our clients need help, we’ve got the right people on speed-dial.

Our partners include:

It doesn’t end here of course. We also routinely manage other vendors’ products, even devices that are no longer officially supported.

We also partner with Volta, a specialist developer and operator of purpose-designed, carrier-neutral data centres. Volta’s 91,000 sqft Data Centre in Central London opened for business in June 2013, catering for all industries. Volta offers unparalleled resilience, supplied at 33KV from two separate supergrid entry points of the national grid, and low-latency connectivity via a number of tier 1 carriers. For more information, please email or call 0207054 9390.