This week we’d like to focus on the healthcare market.

We’ve all seen the recent impact of the malware attacks on the NHS. However, the report on data breaches is interesting. Out of the 221 breaches that happened between October and December 2016, human error was the main cause with 24% of breaches attributed to loss of paperwork and 19% attributed to data faxed or posted to the wrong participant.

The question we are asking is why can’t we move health into a modern, data environment where we are no longer reliant on paper copies and faxing or posting?
Just think of the potential. The ability to link primary to secondary to community to social care together as a seamless enterprise.

How could patient care and experience be enhanced? What efficiencies could be delivered? Clearly, the security and resilience of this solution needs to be considered as an intrinsic and core requirement.

This opportunity is palpable. Shouldn’t we aim to be the global leader in the delivery of an integrated healthcare solution?

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