It is abundantly clear that the ‘human‘ component is by far the most critical and yet the weakest element in organisations’ cyber security defences. Cyber criminals know this and so are freely exploiting this vulnerability; and the due the ubiquitous use of email today in business, the email is serving as their most effective vehicle for attacks. Email attacks today are manifesting in many forms including phishing, ransomware and whaling.  The rampant use of social media by individuals is further exacerbating the issue.

While employees in the majority of cases don’t deliberately put their organisations at security risk, there is potentially a sense of complacency and even apathy on their part towards their cybersecurity-related responsibilities.

Security training of employees must form a key part of organisations cybersecurity strategy. Training employees to spot that dubious embedded internet link or seemingly harmless request for confidential information is vital to protecting an organisation’s business environment. A continuous and concerted programme that educates employees on the security risks, their impact on the business and the mechanisms that criminals use to hack into the network, equips individuals with the knowledge they need to protect the organisation’s business-critical data. At the same time, it helps inculcate respect for the organisation’s confidential records and therefore the imperative to safeguard it.

Every organisation must ask itself these questions – Do we know where our confidential data resides? Do we know how much of it is currently compromised due to ignorance or inadvertent negligence on the part of our employees?

We have a great deal of experience in delivering tailored employee security awareness and training programmes to organisations of all sizes. Please get in touch with us if this is an area you would like to explore. Good quality, practical and real-life like employee training is one of the best ways to tangibly improve and sustain high security standards.

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