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US Lawmakers Praise Cyber Appointments as President Biden Seeks to Increase Cyber Funding

It has been an important week for Cyber Security in the United States with several key announcements from President Biden and his administration on funding and appointments as well as a response to the Solar Winds attack.

Biden Announces Sanctions for Russia Citing Recent Cyber Attacks

The news of US sanctions on Russia has made headlines around the world with President Biden’s remarks on Russia firmly attributing the extensive “SolarWinds” hack on the US Government to Russia.

GDPR is Three Years Old!

You don’t need to celebrate, just take stock, and look to the future. With all that’s changed in the world, the arrival of the third anniversary of the General Data Protection regulation may seem trivial, even irrelevant.

Looking For Trouble: Pen Testers’ ‘War Stories’

“War stories”? Sounds a bit dramatic, but the life of a Pen Tester is spent on the frontline of an ongoing conflict between individuals and organisations, and an army of hackers seeking to scam or undermine them. And just as in any war, the ‘intelligence’ services play a huge role in protecting good people from bad outcomes; work that takes place mainly in the shadows.

The Integrated Review 2021 and Cyber Security

It’s nearly a month since the UK Government released The Integrated Review 2021 detailing ‘the vision for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade’.

Bank of England underlines the importance of cyber stress testing

The Bank of England’s financial policy committee recently underlined the importance of cyber stress testing when assessing the operational resilience of financial services.

Lessons of the SolarWinds hack

In late 2020, the American cyber-security community discovered a widespread breach of private-sector and government networks. A primary vector for the breach appeared to be the hacking of software provided by the US information-technology company SolarWinds.

The Cyber News Roundup
A look back at news, views and more over the past couple of weeks, taken from our last Cyber Security Insights newsletter and other sources. Catch up on the latest threats, research, advice and events – in fact, all things cyber - at your convenience. What's New? Classroom exposure  Education sector warned by NCSC about [...]
How do you get full value from a penetration test?

There are a number of security benefits that can be gleaned from threat monitoring, automated vulnerability scanning and stringent security policies. However, penetration testing can be a useful asset in identifying exploitable security vulnerabilities and real threats facing your organisation.

NCSC warns education sector of increasing cyber threat

The NCSC issued advice to the education sector at the end of last week on the growing threat from ransomware attacks targeting the sector.

Board meeting members discussion
Ransomware: What every board member needs to ask their IT security team

We are all aware that ransomware poses an operational, financial and reputational threat for organisations. At a time when the pandemic has meant that we are all far more digitally dependent, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of ransomware attacks and the range of sectors targeted.

How do you know when you are ready for a red team assessment?

Penetration testing and red team assessments are terms sometimes used interchangeably but in reality, they serve different purposes and relate to different testing procedures. In this blog, we break down the differences between them and discuss when to start thinking about red team assessments.