VCISO Services

Experienced, knowledgeable, flexible & cost-effective

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Service helps you get the expertise you need, when you need it

Many organisations don’t need a full-time CISO, while others want to take their time before adding a new member to their team or might need fill the role between full time appointments. That’s why many enterprises use the services of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO).

Our vCISO’s are flexible and adaptable and benefit from significant experience, which means they can land in an organisation and support them quickly with a broad spectrum of common cyber security challenges. That can include, amongst others, achieving an ISO certification, building out a security strategy, briefing the board, or developing operational resilience.

It means you can hit the ground running with the proven experience, knowledge, and expertise of an expert who can match their hours and engagement to your specific needs and budget. That saves you going through a costly recruitment process and means you only pay for services rendered.

Some organisations make use of a VCISO while they assess candidates for a more permanent role. That means the board never takes its eye off the ball: cybersecurity is always high on the agenda.


Our VCISO service in brief:

  • Your current security programmes can continue with proven leadership
  • You can focus on delivering a specific security related project or opt for a broader engagement
  • It’s managed and implemented strategically and cost-effectively
  • You get full transparency in terms of communication and reporting
  • It can be scaled to matches your budgets

Talk to us about what you need in a vCISO and we’ll match one of our experts to your business objectives.