Endpoint Management & Visibility

Remote networks and more: know and manage what’s there

Reliance acsn’s Endpoint Management and Visibility service solves the greatest challenge for remote and other networks – the need to see every connected user and device, immediately identify new and unknown connections and take action if necessary, and reliably detect endpoint-borne threats and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

The unique value in our Endpoint Management and Visibility service

  • Powered by industry-leading technology – We partner with Tanium to deliver lightning-fast endpoint insights and responses across remote, fixed and transient networks, with unparalleled scale.
  • Identifies risks, delivers the response – We assess your risk profile and work with you to deploy effective and appropriate training, awareness, testing, controls, and other critical enhancements to your security posture.
  • Strengthens security across all networks – Ensures remote endpoints and previously unmanaged assets are identified and addressed with the same rigour as the rest of your security estate.
  • Enterprise-grade performance – Update, patch, carry out industry-relevant compliance checks and scan for vulnerabilities – at scale, at speed, across your entire organisation.
  • Remotely delivered – No site visits are necessary; the service can be deployed and delivered entirely remotely, to all users, across all your networks.