Managed Security Services (MSS)

The Reliance MSS service takes away the burden of managing your security infrastructure and gives your teams the time back to focus on projects critical to your organisation. We manage security infrastructure for clients globally, across five continents, out of our 24/7 operation in the UK, and have thousands of critical devices under management.

The challenges we typically help clients overcome are:

  • Multiple different technologies: As an example, the amount of time, expertise and resources needed to regularly maintain and monitor a single firewall is multiplied when you introduce more firewalls, and often, through acquisition for example, different types of firewall.
  • Enabling the organisation securely: Having a partner manage security infrastructure for you removes the pressure that can come from internal stakeholders to grant access, remove policies etc. to ‘enable’ the business without the appropriate security considerations and discussion.  Reliance acsn can provide you with this independent view of the downstream business risk that could be introduced.
  • Internal capacity and skills: Internal teams are already stretched and being able to lift the burden of security infrastructure management frees up time and provides the exact skill sets required.



The core benefit of MSS is the reassurance that your critical security infrastructure is being monitored and managed 24/7 and any threats or issues will be dealt with or escalated to work jointly until resolution. Our team are an extension of our clients’ security team and can provide the expertise, knowledge and independent view to ensure your organisation is protected.

Other benefits include:

  • 24/7 operations – its challenging to build and run a  24/7 security operation internally so let Reliance acsn cover this for you.  Our team service our clients across five continents out of our UK operation.
  • Rapid response times – Through the 24/7 operation we see problems, triage them and fix or escalate rapidly to give you assurance that your critical security infrastructure is monitored and managed effectively.
  • Lower & predictable costs – Through our leveraged managed service you get consistent, high quality service at a lower cost than delivering in house.
  • Innovation – Our teams in service architecture and delivery are frequently talking with key vendors about innovation they are bringing to their products.  We take that, understand it and can then work with our clients to decide when and where it is appropriate to be applied.
  • Automated updates including software and firmware updates.




The Reliance acsn Managed Service provides day-to-day change management, and 24×7 technical support on all configuration related issues.

Using the Reliance acsn portal, verified by email and/or phone call, our clients can request changes, updates and information around all service-related impacting, or otherwise, issues.

Service Requests relate to standard changes referred to as MACD’s (Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletions).



The table below provides an overview of included and available optional service components. In each of the following sections, you can find a description of the Reliance acsn standard services.

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