Respond at the first hint of trouble

When there’s a problem, speed matters.

The longer a hacker remains connected to your network, the more damage he can do.

Reliance acsn will respond rapidly at the first hint of trouble to immediately kerb the potential damage to your business. You’ll know your incident response team members by name and they’ll be on the phone in minutes. As they will be familiar with your networks, business and escalation procedures, they will be able to intervene quickly to contain and stop any attacks in progress.

When you select Reliance acsn to provide incident response team services, you will gain:

  • Our proven security incident response process, which includes containing the incident, preparing and implementing a remediation and testing the security again afterwards
  • Optional root cause analysis and ‘hunting’ services to detect other potential occurrences of the same breach type
  • Consultancy on necessary refinements to your security incident ‘playbook’, a set of procedures that determines how you should react to significant security alerts
  • All systems returned to the previous, functional state as soon as possible following the attack
  • Reporting information to enable you to assess the implications for your business and IT security and make a decision about whether or not to prosecute.

Computer Security Incident Response Team Services is just one of the services offered by Reliance acsn, as part of the Respond phase of its Information Security service portfolio.

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Identify from the outset what your critical assets are and where they are located to improve your knowledge and management of risks.
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Respond quickly and effectively to minimise losses and reputational damage should the worst happen.
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