Prepare a data-centric approach to compliance

We can make complying with industry data security standards and regulatory requirements straightforward and good value. 

The trick is to start by getting a thorough understanding of your business data, from inception to destruction.

Reliance acsn will help you adopt a data-centric approach to industry compliance that is both more logical and more successful than traditional list-based methods. We will start by evaluating how you use, store, share and ultimately destroy your business data. Then, with this clear insight into your data lifecycle, we can provide a candid and accurate assessment of your ability to comply with data-related standards and regulatory requirements such as EU-GDPR, PCI, ISO27001 and NIST. At the same time, we will be able to advise you on how to better safeguard and control your valuable information assets, using best practice procedures and technologies.

When you select Reliance acsn for an industry compliance review, you will gain:

  • A full evaluation of all data sets, from multiple sources within your business, to detect instances of error, waste, misuse, abuse, risk and non-compliance
  • Clear guidance on measures that need to be taken to ensure compliance, including recommendations for any specific remedial actions or process improvements
  • Improved understanding about your data assets that you can use within the decision-making process when designing new and improved security controls to protect and monitor data
  • Support in preparing a regulatory or litigation response, if required.

Compliance Review is just one of the services offered by Reliance acsn, as part of the Prepare phase of its Information Security service portfolio.

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