Prepare a better informed security strategy

Can you confidently assure your board that your information security systems are adequate?

You’ll never really know the effectiveness of your IT security strategy until you critically evaluate your current defences and put them to the test.

Reliance acsn will help you prepare a better informed information security strategy, by assessing and ultimately challenging the effectiveness of your existing systems and policies. We can undertake rigorous penetration testing, perform vulnerability scans and initiate ‘Red Team’ exercises to identify potentially damaging gaps in your defences. Then, we can assess your compliance with industry security standards and recommend ways to optimise your existing systems. With all this precise insight, you will gain increased confidence in your IT security strategy.

The Prepare services offered by Reliance acsn include:

  • Compliance review
    Understanding the data security standards that apply to your industry and identifying the critical gaps in your compliance
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  • Penetration testing
    Mimicking the tactics of hackers to expose real vulnerabilities in your existing systems, policies and procedures
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  • Vulnerability scanning
    Building up a clear picture of your end-to-end security infrastructure to evaluate the completeness of your current defences
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  • Red teaming
    Simulating real-life cyber and physical attacks to challenge your IT environment, your employees’ security awareness and security policy adherence
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  • Security technology optimisation
    Recommending ways to optimise under-utilised security technologies to increase protection from your prior investment in security solutions
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  • Security Operation Centre (SOC) consulting
    Advising clients on how best to build, procure and operate a dedicated or shared Security Operation Centre
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  • Business resilience review
    Evaluating your current business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure they include robust IT security measures
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“Reliance acsn’s expertise and guidance were invaluable in achieving the standards of security we were aiming for.”
Kingsley Napley

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