Manage and monitor your security, your way

Will a standard package work for your business or do you actually need something a bit more flexible?

A predefined managed services contract might not cover all your installed devices or take into account the existing skills and capabilities of your in-house team.

Reliance acsn will help you manage and monitor your security environment, your way. We tailor our managed services and deliver co-managed service options, so that you can blend our experts into your existing team. Equally, we can offer a comprehensive managed information security service providing you with your own ready-made, fully-equipped and expertly-staffed security operations centre. It’s entirely up to you. Our managed services are always centred on our customers’ needs, and no two managed service contracts are ever the same.

The Manage services offered by Reliance acsn include:

  • Managed Security Service
    Monitoring and maintaining your IT security equipment, applying patches and addressing faults to detect attacks early and keep your critical security systems up and running
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  • Managed Information Security Office
    Providing highly experienced security experts to fulfil the specialised roles of IT security director and IT security manager  for your business
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  • Managed Vulnerability
    Performing regular vulnerability scans and creating reports to keep you informed about emerging risks
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  • Managed Authentication
    Setting up and managing a cloud-based, two factor authentication service that protects vital remote access systems from unauthorised users
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“Up-to-the minute, expert and consistent IT security management is critical for our business… and that’s what we trust Reliance acsn to deliver.”
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

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Service areas too:

Identify from the outset what your critical assets are and where they are located to improve your knowledge and management of risks.
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Understand your vulnerabilities and consolidate your existing technologies in a single IT security strategy.
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Create a standards-based configurable IT security platform to maximise your protection while minimising costs. Read about our Build Services.

Gain meaningful, actionable reports that enable you to assess changing patterns in attacks to better protect your business. Read about our Report Services.

Respond quickly and effectively to minimise losses and reputational damage should the worst happen.
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