Discover where you stand on information security

When it comes to assessing the maturity of your IT systems, it is important to understand your starting point.

To properly mitigate the risk to your organisation you will need a holistic view of your security measures, including access points, hardware, software, people, processes and the technologies within your organisation.

Reliance acsn will show you how to assess the maturity of your overall security strategy to increase the protection of your organisation. We can help you identify and mitigate immediate risks and then develop a robust security strategy to improve your overall security posture based on your business priorities and goals.

When you select Reliance acsn for security maturity assessment, you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of your business-critical assets and any sensitive or valuable data that these assets may hold
  • A profile of the potential threat to your organisation overlaid against your most important assets, including people, information, software, hardware and infrastructure
  • A detailed assessment report that highlights areas for immediate attention with short, medium and long-term recommendations that are prioritized in order of severity and urgency to swiftly enhance your security capability
  • A security roadmap improvement based on your threat profile and risk matrix that will mitigate your long-term security concerns
  • The peace of mind that you have adopted industry good-practices that are aligned to modern industry standards such as Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, NIST and CSF.

Security Maturity Assessment is just one of the services offered by Reliance acsn, as part of the Discovery phase of its Information Security service portfolio.

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Identify from the outset what your critical assets are and where they are located to improve your knowledge and management of risks.
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Understand your vulnerabilities and consolidate your existing technologies in a single IT security strategy.
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Create a standards-based configurable IT security platform to maximise your protection while minimising costs. Read about our Build Services.

Enjoy 24x7x365 IT security monitoring and relax in the knowledge that our vigilant team will detect unwelcomed intrusions. Read about our Management Services.

Gain meaningful, actionable reports that enable you to assess changing patterns in attacks to better protect your business. Read about our Reporting Services.

Respond quickly and effectively to minimise losses and reputational damage should the worst happen.
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