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Security Posture Assessment

To make good decisions you need good quality information.

Understanding what your current security posture looks like enables you to plan and implement security processes and technologies from a position of strength.
Our Security Posture Assessment provides a holistic approach to security. We take into consideration all the access points, hardware, software, people, processes and technologies in an organisation. This end-to-end approach allows an organisation to mitigate immediate risks and develop a robust security strategy to improve overall security posture based on organisations business priorities and goals.

What we do:

We develop a detailed threat profile specific to the organisation, aligned to business priorities, the industry as well as locations the organisation operate in. We use detailed asset discovery exercise and vulnerability analysis as part of this service. Based on this, we undertake a detailed risk analysis by assessing the effectiveness of existing security controls and identifying security control gaps. This helps us to define your organisation’s security strategy, which is aligned to your business priorities and prioritises a roadmap of remediation and security improvement activities.

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We can help you understand your current state, build plans for security maturity and augment your in-house skills.

We provide ongoing modular, on-line training, bespoke class-room teaching and continuous employee engagement.

We can help you maximise your investment in existing technology, design & build new prevention infrastructure and provide security device management.

We offer 24×7 Managed Security Detection and Response and pro-active Incident Response & Remediation.