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Security Awareness Training

According to CompTIA’s recent Trends in Information Security study, human error accounts for around 52% of security and data breaches.

The reality is that all organisations employ information and cyber security specialists. However, their role is to continually understand and research potential threats to an organisation and then implement appropriate defences, through a combination of policies, processes and technology.

It’s more difficult to control human behaviour and mitigate error.   It is difficult to define because error comes in many forms. Typically, it involves situations in which certain actions, decisions or behaviours threaten business security and can seriously threaten the security of your sensitive data.

To mitigate against this threat, Reliance acsn has a comprehensive Security Awareness programme that enables you to prioritise training activities and course content, provides bite-sized, on-line training modules which are no more than 15 minutes long and supports you with a continuous engagement programme to maximise uptake.

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We can help you understand your current state, build plans for security maturity and augment your in-house skills.

We provide ongoing modular, on-line training, bespoke class-room teaching and continuous employee engagement.

We can help you maximise your investment in existing technology, design & build new prevention infrastructure and provide security device management.

We offer 24×7 Managed Security Detection and Response and pro-active Incident Response & Remediation.