Supporting you in building security maturity

Managed Information Security Office (MISO) 

The MISO service from Reliance acsn helps you to establish and maintain your organisation’s vision for information security strategy and maturity.

Organisations have to contend with a variety of cyber security challenges in todays environments, everything from a continuously complex and changing threat landscape, regulation and compliance through to managing the skills gap.

The MISO service can provide much needed help and support to ease the burden by giving you access to Reliance acsn’s wide variety of cyber security skills and resources.

The service helps you to ensure your information assets and supporting technologies are adequately protected as well as providing oversight to security improvement activities.

We work alongside your own designated stakeholders to deliver a truly collaborative approach in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining processes across the enterprise to reduce information technology risks.

The MISO service also supports you in responding to incidents, establishing appropriate standards and controls, managing security technologies, and directing the establishment, implementation and management of robust security policies and procedures.

When you select Reliance acsn to provide a Managed Information Security Office (ISO), you will gain:

  • A tailored service, scaled to precisely meet your business needs and complement the existing skills of your in-house employees
  • The development of an IT security strategy, security policies and roadmaps to support your business goals
  • Management of your suppliers and, if required, your employees, to ensure the achievement of improvement initiatives
  • Confidence that your information assets and supporting technologies are adequately protected.

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Find out more about our services

We can help you understand your current state, build plans for security maturity and augment your in-house skills.

We provide ongoing modular, on-line training, bespoke class-room teaching and continuous employee engagement.

We can help you maximise your investment in existing technology, design & build new prevention infrastructure and provide security device management.

We offer 24×7 Managed Security Detection and Response and pro-active Incident Response & Remediation.