Closing the gap - Business-driven defined monitoring, early detection and rapid response

Closing the gap – Business-driven defined monitoring, early Detection and rapid Response

“He who defends everything, defends nothing” is a quote by Frederick the Great about waging war but it also applies to Cyber security.

No IT Security team can monitor every application, network, system and data asset that a company has, no incident response team can follow up on every alert and security event, and no manager has the budget for every new security technology that is released.

Reliance acsn delivers an improved way of monitoring and protecting your information assets. ‘Knowing what you have before you can protect it’s the foundation of our successful approach based on the application of relevant security measures geared towards an asset’s importance to your business. We combine both industry leading tools and human intelligence to deliver customer-specific contextual information and global intelligence on threat actors.

How we help you get it right

We believe that integration between the critical components in Cyber Security is the only way to ensure confidence in a good information risk posture. This is what we do:

  • Know what you have – Take a thorough inventory of information assets.
  • Prioritize – It is neither efficient nor possible to protect and treat each system equally so prioritization and risk management is the next step.
  • Optimize – Establish intelligent design that takes account of specific needs and costs.
  • Detect & Orchestrate – In operation, effective security monitoring must collect all relevant data from the various sources and must present a simple but comprehensive management view so that incident response can be carried out in an organised and validated way to provide business-driven reporting.
  • Respond, Improve, Maintain, and Grow – Implement defined and documented incident response processes that are continually updated and staff trained on frequently. During an incident, the SOC and Incident Response team become one virtual team.

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Find out more about our services

We can help you understand your current state, build plans for security maturity and augment your in-house skills.

We provide ongoing modular, on-line training, bespoke class-room teaching and continuous employee engagement.

We can help you maximise your investment in existing technology, design & build new prevention infrastructure and provide security device management.

We offer 24×7 Managed Security Detection and Response and pro-active Incident Response & Remediation.