Delivering Peace of Mind.

Even the most capable in-house IT teams can struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing threats, leaving businesses wide open to attack. We deliver an intelligent approach to cyber security that provides peace of mind. We’ll share our experience, supplement your employees’ knowledge and boost your existing information security systems.

What we currently see in the market:

  • The complexity of operational security is growing, as the time to detect and cost of incidents is increasing
  • The day-to-day management is more challenging with limited resources
  • The threat landscape is becoming more complex and compliance requirements are constantly evolving
  • Employees have limited awareness of good security hygiene and the skills gap is widening.

Our approach on how we can help you:

  • Understand what risks you need to mitigate and those you need to manage
  • Build your security awareness and ongoing maturity  with an operational model around clear frameworks (people & process)
  • Layer-in technology to mitigate threats and continuously monitor and measure capability
  • Reduce the complexity of your security environment by focussing on what matters.

Our service areas are:

  • Assurance: we can help you understand your current state, build plans for security maturity and augment your in-house skills
  • Awareness: we provide ongoing modular, on-line training, bespoke class-room teaching and continuous employee engagement
  • Prevention: we can help you maximise your investment in existing technology, design & build new prevention infrastructure and provide security device management
  • Detection & Response: we offer 24×7 Managed Security Detection and Response and pro-active Incident Response & Remediation.
“Reliance acsn is a natural extension of our own internal team – but with all the benefits of an external, accredited supplier.”