At Reliance acsn, we’re helping our customers deal with multiple cyber security challenges on a scale never seen before.

But we’re also doing our bit by making our leading cyber security experts available to all cyber or IT professionals, free of charge, to provide insight, support and advice when it’s needed most.

And after each call with our experts, you’ll receive written guidance comprising:

  • A summary of the discussion, risks identified and mitigations proposed
  • A breach intelligence report on the digital exposure of your user and domain data

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What we know about – and who we help

We’re all about everything cyber security, and so we consult with and help all sizes of business, across every industry, every day, delivering value through:

  • Remote user security
  • Secure endpoint management
  • Advisory
  • Threat intelligence
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance
  • MDR, SOC and SIEM
  • Security architecture, configuration and device management
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability management


Robin Vann Chief Solutions Officer

Rob Vann, Chief Solutions Officer

Rob has over 25 years’ experience in both offensive and defensive cyber and information security, and works constantly with customers to advise them on all security subjects – including remote security, defensive tooling and breaches – and to develop new solutions that anticipate their changing security needs.

Recently, I took a call from a client who was concerned with their ability to detect and respond to a breach following the shift to remote working. We talked through a prioritised plan to harden his Azure tenancy, harden and maximise security visibility of Office 365, ensure logging was at the correct levels and backed off to properly configured and available storage, and to configure and deploy the inbuilt tooling for EDR and breach detection.”

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Jon Maisey, Senior Security Architect

Jon has over 10 years in cyber security, focusing on defensive cyber, and helping customers across a broad range of security subjects, with specific emphasis on SOC, MDR, and integrating cloud into defensive solutions.

“My latest call was with a client who had challenges with his SOC, in terms of a number of individuals not available for work, and how to keep security consistent now most of his users were connecting directly to cloud services rather than using the office. I talked to him about API access into his SIEM from the cloud, configuring alerts from the cloud, and enabling SOAR tooling to automate lower-level defences, reducing the alert workload on the analysts that were available.”

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Nathaniel Wallis,  Senior Security Architect

Nathaniel Wallis has 10 years of experience in cyber security and works with customers on all aspects of cyber, specialising particularly in data security and compliance.

“One of my calls was from a client who wanted to continue to evidence his compliance while his workforce was remote. As it turned out, some small changes to his privileged access management solution to enable the rotation of credentials, and quickly updating the policies and procedures for administrator access to the restricted areas of the network, was all that was required to not only maintain his compliance, but also to evidence it if the regulator requested this at a later date.”

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