Vulnerability Assessment

Hackers look for the easiest route into your organisation. It could be an unpatched system or even a Zero Day vulnerability, but it’s most likely to be human behaviour. We test it all to find out what’s making your organisation vulnerable.

Finding the weak spots

We look at everything; systems, software, and hardware. We use automated systems as well our Testers’ experience and suspicious nature. We track issues across your infrastructure and deliver a clear and precise report which will help us take action to overcome the vulnerabilities we’ve found.

  • Scan all new and existing vulnerabilities
  • Scan insecure file permissions, application level-bugs, backdoors, and Trojans, as well as vulnerable protocols, ports, and network devices – whatever is needed
  • We use powerful detection framework tools including Qualys and Nessus – working within or outside of normal working hours depending on your needs
  • We look for all attack vectors