IT Health Checks

Review the security of your IT environment

Reliance acsn’s IT Health Check is a comprehensive investigation into the security posture of your network, systems, data and assets. By assessing security holistically, it identifies opportunities for improvement, prioritises actions, and produces clear guidance for next steps, based on your organisation’s specific business concerns and risk profile.


The unique value in our IT Health Check

  • Multiple but tailored services, in one – Our experts’ investigations cover every angle, but we also work with you to put special focus on your critical assets and systems.
  • We use real-world attacker techniques – From rogue device use, to horizontal and vertical movement within your network, to gaining control of administrator and domain privileges – we replicate attackers’ behaviours to highlight where your IT health could be failing.
  • Thorough review to give you assurance – Comprehensive methodology, progressing from internal and external penetration testing, to build review of servers and desktops, device security review, identification of vulnerable, sensitive data, configuration audit, and more.
  • Clear outputs, expert advice – A single report explains the results of all the testing components – and because you’re dealing with experienced and certified security experts, you get help to understand what your options are going forward.