Large Private Healthcare Provider

General Overview of the Customer 

The customer is one of the largest providers of private healthcare in the UK. Committed to the highest quality of patient care, they have earned a reputation as a leader in the field. The organisation has consistently delivered successful and award-winning clinical outcomes, positioning them well with patients, consultants, the NHS, GPs and Private Medical Insurers.  

Reliance ascn welcomed them into our customer base in 2020. 

Overview of the Requirement 

The customer wanted to ensure it could demonstrate that privacy and personal data were treated with the same care and high standards as the patients themselves. They have a patient-focussed approach where reputation, service continuity, assurance and trust were identified essential requirements. This created a need for an environment where the digital landscape and infrastructure (systems, data and transit points) were trusted, verified and validated. 

The customer asked Reliance acsn to provide a proposal for a Managed Security Monitoring solution, helping the organisation to early detect attacks and then to enable and facilitate a rapid response.  

Our Solution  

The Reliance acsn Managed Security Detection and Response (MDR) solution was deployed, assisting with customer in defining a robust Cyber security monitoring and response strategy. We worked with the customer in developing a prioritised roadmap of monitoring activities, creating security monitoring use cases and implementing an effective Security Analytics tool. This tooling ensures information assets and supporting technologies are adequately protected. 

Before deploying the solution, and as part of the on-boarding process, we performed a security review to understand the customer’s existing security posture and capabilities. Feedback was provided detailing the existing risks and the mitigations the MDR service would bring to these.  

During on-boarding, our analysts discovered an exploit which was relevant to the older systems within the customer’s environment. We addressed this immediately, providing protection to these systems.  

The outcome 

The MDR service is now fully deployed and working well. We hold regular update meetings with the customer to refine the service, identify new risks and new systems coming into their environment which need to be added to the MDR service. The customer benefits from allocated resources who can be contacted at any time to discuss issues and the performance of the service.