Construction Materials Supplier

The customer is a leading company in the provision of building materials and sustainable solutions in the construction industry.  

From the output of a Reliance acsn Security Posture Assessment, Reliance acsn further developed a security roadmap for the customer based on the priorities and gaps in capability found during the review. A key part of the roadmap was to implement cyber security solutions towards protecting their core infrastructure and assets. Alongside recommendations towards Endpoint, Detection & Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, Reliance acsn recommended the implementation of Privileged Access Management to help achieve greater cyber security protection within the organisation. 

Endpoint Detection & Response and Managed SOC 

Reliance acsn suggested two core Cyber Security solutions to help achieve greater cyber security protection within the organisation, the proposed solutions were:  

  • Endpoint Detection & Response: Reliance acsn provides comprehensive management and visibility on the customer’s endpoint devices. This solution provides an immediate impact and supports continuity across the entirety of their distributed network of sites and facilities. 
  • Managed SOC Service: Reliance acsn’s Managed Detection & Response service delivers a world leading SOC service for the customer. This provides constant vigilance and immediate action to help protect the business from cyber security incident.  

Privileged Access Management 

Reliance acsn began the engagement by performing an in-depth privileged access and identity review across the organisation. This review allowed Reliance acsn to have a complete and detailed understanding of the customer’s current privileged access estate and make recommendations on how the organisation can move to a full privilege access management posture. The output from this review formed the basis of the deployment plan for the introduction of the Reliance acsn PAM service.  

With the delivery of Reliance acsn’s 24x7x365 managed PAM service, Reliance acsn has provided comprehensive management of the customer’s privileged accounts. This has included a full audit of all access and the rotation of credentials associated with the accounts, providing the customer with a peace of mind that all privileged access is monitored and controlled regardless of whether the user is internal or external to the organisation.  

CISO as a Service 

In alignment with the deployment of cyber security tools towards greater protection of core infrastructure and assets, the customer in question, engaged with Reliance acsn on CISO as a service. This service was engaged to provide dedicated strategic oversight for the team on Cyber Security related matters.  

Reliance acsn’s ‘CISO as a Service’ provides our customer with access to a virtual cyber security team, combining dedicated resources with in-depth understanding of the customer’s estate, with the ability to call on over 50 subject matter experts covering a broad range of topics, policy expertise and business interlocks. These experts can be embedded into the customer’s businesses as required, with the CISO providing governance, management and ensuring outcomes.