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You’ve found it. The next big thing

We’re the cyber security industry’s best kept secret, a real contender with great ideas and the resources to make an impact.

What we do matters. We’re creating new solutions to cyber security challenges and work with an array of impressive and diverse clients. When attacks happen, we don’t waste any time and take immense pride in delivering a first-class emergency service.

We’ll give you opportunities you wouldn’t get elsewhere, but it won’t be an easy ride. You’ll be challenged and you’ll learn fast, but you’ll have the support of a brilliant and collegiate team, and it’ll give you an appetite for more.

Reliance as a security industry leader for more than 40 years has breadth and depth in technology and relationships. We’re big enough to have gravitas and deliver what we promise, but small enough to walk over and ask Dave if he knows a guy.

In a world where cyber criminality threatens to turn things really bad, we’re the kind of people whose glasses are always half full, never half empty. We’re enthusiastic about life and what we do. And that is pretty infectious.

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10 things you’ll get here
Read them all, it’s a rewarding experience

  1. You’ll work with brilliant people. From our brilliant apprentices to our battle-hardened Cyberists, you’ll be inspired by them. And you’ll learn fast.
  2. You’ll get to work with our great clients on challenging and interesting projects and use a variety of cutting-edge technology.
  3. Benefits you’ll actually use including free mobile insurance, discounts on technology, Sky bundles, cinema tickets, experiences, and the list goes on…
  4. Can’t work a regular 9-5? Tell us what you want. Evenings, weekends, part time, compressed hours. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  5. Want to learn a new skill? If we think it will benefit the business and can’t find someone on the team to teach you, we’ll pay to send you to an expert.
  6. Got a cause that’s close to your heart? We have a pot of cash for sponsoring stuff that’s important to you. Our people get involved in the cyber community – and we’re right beside cheering them on.
  7. Want the latest management book or a subscription to a cyber magazine of your choice? If you think it will help you do a better job we’ll pay for it.
  8. You’ll be socially connected. We hold regular social sessions to keep you informed, we welcome new people with pizza and regularly organise events from after-work drinks to Spartan Beast (you can look that up).
  9. Childcare’s expensive, isn’t it. We can help take the sting out of it by giving you access to childcare vouchers or a Workplace Nursery Partnership.
  10. You can be part of this. We’ll give you the kind of opportunities that only come with fast-growing companies.

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Find the openings that interest you
From apprenticeships to next steps for proven pros


Our crack team of associates are called upon in times of high demand to help us deliver our highly-responsive, customer-focused consultancy service. If you’re experienced, professionally-qualified and have a customer-centric approach we’d love to hear from you.

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You’re logical and methodical in your approach and have a natural curiosity about how things work, with the creative flair to solve problems and design effective solutions. You enjoy collaborating with people you respect and who you can learn from, and you love a good debate on all things cyber.

You take pride in your work and understand the responsibility that comes with protecting our customers. You respond fast when you hear your call sign. You are first in line when new tech toys are released and are happy to demo them to anyone who shows more than a passing interest. Sound like you? Then come on in. You have found your people.

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You’ve got big ideas and have the energy and enthusiasm to keep your focus on chasing new leads. When you’re relaxing with the paper, you spot half a dozen new opportunities to follow up on Monday. People really like you because you’re an expert at building relationships and you give great advice and offer effective solutions.

You love to close the deal and then take a moment to revel in the adulation as your team carry you through the streets on their shoulders. If this sounds like you and you have a proven track record of exceeding targets, then introduce yourself and let’s get together.

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Business Operations

We have a wonderful team of selfless heroes individuals who work tirelessly to make this thing work. From Finance to HR, Marketing to Operations, they’re the glue holding it all together.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to over-complicate things and wants to make the world a better place, we’d make a great match.

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Our apprentices continue to exceed our expectations at every turn. They have a fire in their bellies and are impatient to learn. You won’t be making tea and photocopying. You’ll get first-class training and continuous support. You’ll be given real work to do and gain hands-on experience working with our incredibly bright and experienced people. And you’ll get paid.

We’re passionate about growing talent and giving people great opportunities to see just how far they can go. It’s usually further than you think. If you’re looking to kick start your career and be part of something special, get in touch telling us about yourself and what you’re interested in.

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Graduate Training

When our graduates come to meet us for the first time, we ask them to interview us. We know you’re bright. We know you’ve got knowledge. We know you’ve probably got offers. We know you have an insatiable appetite for gaining some real experience where you can apply everything you’ve learnt with your own style. We want you to ask us questions. We want you to challenge our thinking. We want you to do things your way. We want to convince you that we’re what you need.

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