Reliance acsn was formed in 2016 from ACSN, which was founded in 2003, and significant investment in developing full Manage Detect and Respond capabilities as a service .

With 14 years’ experience as specialists in IT security management, Reliance acsn is focused on providing trusted 24/7 cyber protection.

A higher quality IT security management service

We set out with one mission: to offer significantly higher quality IT security management services to our clients. More flexible and responsive, with a greater level of practical expertise. Today our highly-professional IT security management specialists are still going above and beyond to deliver precisely that.

Managing IT security infrastructure for leading companies worldwide

In the last 14 years we’ve helped scores of the world’s top brands plan, structure, deploy, test and manage robust, reliable security solutions. We currently manage over 1,000 security devices for more than 80 customers across 5 continents. Our clients span multiple sectors including banking, telecoms, retail, government, insurance and leisure.

Creating long-term relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers. For their part, our clients tell us that it’s our quality, flexibility and specialist skills that set us aside from the mainstream.

Managing IT security is all we do, every day, which keeps our knowledge fresh and our skills honed.

Talk to us today about your IT security challenges and see how we can help.