It’s rare that one finds users prepared to throw away the office biscuits just on the say-so of an email. In fact, for many organisations, getting users to play an active role in cyber security can be an uphill struggle. All too frequently, awareness of security procedures and techniques is low, and users don’t understand the consequences of their actions, or the role they can play to keep the organisation secure. It’s estimated that 90% of organisations feel vulnerable to the threat from within, including negligence on the part of employees or contractors.

This is an area where there are substantial gains to be made to improve an organisation’s cyber security posture. And two approaches in particular are known to be effective: user awareness training, and building cyber security systems with users in mind.

Making users more aware of how their actions can help or hinder the organisation’s cyber security efforts can go a long way to shoring up gaps in the company defences and reduce the number of incidents the IT team has to deal with.

When it comes to the systems and processes the organisation employs in its cyber security efforts, it pays to ask: how easy is this to get right for regular IT users? Are all the steps clear? What understanding does the user need to have in order to follow the rules? Equipped with this insight, improvements can be made to security systems that reduce the chance of misinterpretation or non-compliance.

Whether it’s user awareness or more robust processes that are your challenge, Reliance acsn can help. We work with organisations large and small to educate users on how they can help keep their organisation safe, and help their IT teams build security systems and processes that are simple for users to follow, while still being robust and reliable. We’re at the end of a phone line – +44 (0)845 519 2946 – or you can get in touch by emailing We’d be happy to talk through your needs and suggest measures that are right for your business.